2018 In Review

Here are the goals I set myself at the beginning of each quarter:

My Progress

Q1. Go paint or go home

Q2. In teaching others, we teach ourselves

Q3. Surround yourself with people you can learn from

  • Jessica Hische: Make it memorable — How often can you remember a time a piece was memorable? Lettering can be style-driven, but it doesn’t help you stand out unless it’s memorable.
  • Ricardo Gonzalez (a.k.a. @itsaliving): Keep in pure — People are always looking for new stuff. They like it pure, so stay patient and true to what you enjoy doing.
  • Nick Misani: Find your voice — Design is not effortless, it can take over 24 hours to create a piece. But if it’s spent with effort in finding a voice, that’s okay.

Q4. There‘s no better investment you can make than in yourself

In other news…

  • I quit my full time job at NetApp and began working at Facebook as a Design Program Manager. After 10 months of working there, my team encouraged me to write an article on our new Medium channel to talk about my experiences. Check it out here.
  • I moved from the suburbs in San Jose into the busy city life on San Francisco. Not only that, but I also moved in with my boyfriend and two of my best friends from high school and college.
  • I completed two olympic-distance triathlons. But after facing several months of little exercise, I changed my habits to begin working out in the mornings. Nowadays I’m up by 6AM and manage to get a nice long workout with a healthy breakfast before starting my day at work.



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